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Yes - I'm a rapper now!

I couldn't say happy holidays without a rap video. And what's better than a Change Management-based rap? NOTHING! Watch it here.

My secret confidence booster revealed

Confidence comes from many places and it's essential for showing up as authentic leader. Find out my secret source of secret sauce.

What’s worse than fear of failure?

We often think of fear of failure as the main culprit to us not achieving our goals. But there’s an equally evil fear out there...

My favourite change in the workplace

When you've worked on as many different types of change as I have, you get a feeling for the types of change you like most. Here's mine.

Seeing the long distance of Change

Every little change you lead, what it's all for? And is it really worth it? Transform your perspective on change today.

The #1 thing you're missing in Change

When leading change, you can sometimes feel like the lone wolf, spouting the "fluffy" stuff all by yourself. Fix that!

When change fails

When change doesn't land, what does that really mean? Is it failure? Is it something else? And what can you do about it?

How to create a microlearning video series

If training is so critical for Change, why does so little knowledge, skills and capability sink in? Find out how to make learning stick.

HOW TO: Support change from the ground up

Why does so much leader-led change fail? If leaders are so critical, then what is it we're not seeing to really land the change?

Living a purposeful life

COVID shed a light on lots of things we might not have realised we were missing or taking for granted. Finding purpose in our life and work

My hardest day in Change Management

I remember the first day I started working in Change Management. I was so excited and so happy. The only problem was… I didn’t know...

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Founder & CEO

I believe everyone deserves to experience the magic of change. If we can make it the best experience possible, we can inspire change from within and empower ourselves and our teams. I help executives and leaders carve their own paths for change with clarity and confidence, and support their teams to find their feet and find their futures. 

Having worked across Financial Services, Retail, Government, Consumer Goods and Advertising, I blend together my years of experience and accreditation in Organisational Change Management, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Coaching to guide leaders through their toughest times with Change Services, Leadership Training, and Executive Coaching.

If you’re the kind of leader who is committed to showing up with confidence and passion, pioneer with me.