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My secret confidence booster revealed

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

It’s booked!

On November 16, my hair gonna get the CHOP.

I’ve been growing it since lockdown first began… 2 years’ worth of curls as per photo below.

Lata Hamilton at desk with ring light, laptop and flipchart

So why is this haircut so significant?

Because my hair is part of my personal brand - something every leader should have. I remember once seeing the wonderful Naomi Simson of RedBalloon speak and she rocked up on stage in this gorgeous red dress. I loved that flow of brand from business to leader: RedBalloon = red dress.

My curls are my red dress

My curls feature in my speaker bio, you’ll see them showcased on my webinars and courses, and blowdrying them into fullness helps me connect with confidence, both virtually and in real life. My curls signify my energy, my strength, my roots (no pun intended), and the unique approach I bring to my change leadership courses and coaching. My curls are my secret superpower.

Knowing (and living) your personal brand can help you feel more authentic, more confident, and more powerful. It can help you show up with consistency, honesty, and passion to your team because you are surrounding yourself with positive powerful reminders of who you are and what value you bring to the table and to this world. It is you - in all your glorious individuality.

And trust me - my curls weren’t always my friends. I spent my childhood wishing them away so I could blend in to the straight and smooth classrooms of country Australia. Little did I know then: I wasn’t meant to fit in and my curls weren’t meant to be straightened. It took me 16 years to learn how to care for them and love them. Now I embrace them and harness them for my leadership and confidence.

Harness your personal brand, too

If you want to find out more about how you can show up in creative and confident ways in your leadership, come along to my free “How to Lead Your Virtual Team through Change” webinar on Thursday 18 November.

My curls are getting chopped two days prior to make swimming over summer easier and save me hours a week of washing and blowdrying, but rest assured… they are part of me and part of my personal brand and they will be back!! Because hair, just like confidence, grows over time.

I'm Lata Hamilton - Change Leadership and Confidence expert, Founder & CEO of Passion Pioneers, and the creator of the Leading Successful Change program.

Grab my free Underpaid & Overlooked Coaching Action Guide to learn how to change careers with confidence and earn your worth - download it here.


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