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6 simple ways to build trust with stakeholders instantly

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

I've just finished my Change Tools Masterclass and I had an amazing question from a student: "How do you build stakeholder trust from the outset?"

Building trust is an absolutely critical skill in change leadership because people is what Change Management is all about. You'll need stakeholders to be onboard and engaged to help you understand the change, plan the change, deliver the change and lead the change - as the business owns the change, after all! You'll need to develop those collaborative relationships so you can get your change up and running and successfully rolled out with true buy-in. And did I mention - it helps reduce change resistance, too!

It was a GREAT question.

So after a morning run, I planted myself on a sandstone wall on the Barangaroo Headland and filmed a [rather sweaty] short 6 minute video that covered all the ways I build trust super quickly when I'm starting in a new organisation or on a new project or team to lead change.

I posted the video in the VIP Discussion Group, but you know what? The information was actually so valuable that I thought it's probably a great idea to reshoot it [sans sweat] and share it more widely. And add a few more details in, of course!

If you'd like to watch the free 20-minute video lesson on how to build trust with stakeholders instantly, simply request access here:

And remember - building trust is a transferable skill that will serve you well in any role, any company, any industry and any country (yes - these tips work globally!). And of course - when leading change!

Video lesson - 6 ways to build trust

I'm Lata Hamilton - a Change Leadership expert and the creator of Leading Successful Change, a 6-week course that will grow your confidence to lead change end-to-end. Get my latest free video lesson on building stakeholder trust instantly here.


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