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"I attended Lata's "Reimagine You Program" (designed for teams going through restructures) roughly a year ago. At the time I was very ready to change careers after a decade as an insurance broker. I had no idea what the change really looked like, I just knew needed to try something. Lata was recommended to me by a mutual connection and I can truly say she has been an amazing influence in my life, not just for my career. The course helped me to explore myself and my career deeper than I could have done on my own. It helped me to define what it is that I wanted, create a realistic plan and break through some of the fears and doubt that existed around the change. I now sit here a year on, as the office manager of an exciting business for the start of my new career journey - everything I wrote down and wanted to achieve in my new role is ticked off, plus more. Lata provided me with the tools and support I needed to get what I want. She makes you feel like you can achieve anything (and you can). Highly recommend!"

Alexandra Mansted

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"Lata took me on a journey from understanding myself and what truly motivates me so that I am well prepped and ready for my next role. She taught me the secret to success so that not only am I ready for my next role, I know how to attain it."

Ophemia Bainy

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"I could only describe Lata as the most happy, positive and inspiring force in my life. She has guided me in finding my life purpose and a new direction for my career. I have completely changed my career path from corporate strategy into running my own local business in care, which I never thought would be possible. Since then I have won multiple business awards and my lifestyle is completely different to anything I could have imagined. Thank you so much Lata."

Jennie Bardrick

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"Lata coached myself and my partner in our careers at the same time, with a strategic mix of both individual and joint sessions to create a shared future and get individual transformations. Lata is an outstanding coach. From the first time we spoke with her, we felt instantly comfortable and supported. Lata helped us build confidence and realise our self-worth. She armoured us with a range of skills to deal with stressful or daunting situations and helped us deal with many unconscious blockages. She guided us through realising what's most important, finding our purpose, clarifying our life vision, as individuals and as a married couple, and setting us on our way to achieving it. Working with Lata has positively changed our relationship with each other and ourselves. Thank you Lata. We're grateful and delighted we choose to work with you."

Caroline Stack