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I stand out from the crowd of other change consultancies and training providers. That's because my services and programs are developed to tap directly into the hearts and minds of your people by blending 3 unique disciplines:


Change Management helps business teams understand and get ready for any kind of business change like a new product, system, process or team structure. Change Management is all about having people feel informed, engaged, inspired, confident and ready for a change, and ensure that the change is sustainable and lasts long beyond launch.


  • Neuro = the mind, brain and neurology

  • Linguistic = language and the way we communicate with ourselves

  • Programming = the patterns and programs that drive thinking and behaviour

NLP is the study of excellence in behaviour, communication and psychology/emotions. We coach people to success by changing the meaning of the event, problem or decision in the unconscious mind. With NLP, we can change habits, release negative emotions, limiting decisions and stress, help get clarity around problems and decisions, and install positive emotions and motivation. It’s very powerful and goes further than therapy and counselling by also coaching into future goals - success is based on results.


Coaching is the process of assisting people to make positive changes in a number of areas of life such as career, health, relationships, finances, emotions and spirituality. Coaching is designed to help people identify blockages, increase clarity, whilst giving a structure to keep them motivated and accountable throughout the journey to their success. Coaching is non-advisory.



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