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WEBINAR INVITE: Engaging Hearts and Minds through Change

Next week, I'm running a brand new webinar called "Engaging Hearts and Minds through Change". I'll be providing live demos (of course!) and practical techniques that you can use to get both the hearts and minds of your people engaged with your next change. It's on Thursday 21 October at 6.00pm and yep, a recording of the webinar will be provided for a limited time.

Tickets are $11 and you can register via Eventbrite here:

Hope to see you there.

Lata xx

Lata Hamilton is a Change Leadership expert and the creator of Leading Successful Change, a 6-week course that will grow your confidence to lead change end-to-end so you can have the influence and impact you want. To attend her upcoming "Engaging Hearts and Minds through Change" webinar, register here.


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