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HOW TO: Lead your virtual team through change

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

I don't remember how I first heard about General Assembly. I just remember I saw this "Intro to UX" information evening come up. I registered, went down to their offices in Darling Harbour, and was amazed that an actual real-life UX Designer sharing openly and practically about what UX was, what he did in his day-to-day, how he did it, and where to learn more about UX. I loved university and I learnt a lot, but this info session was different: it was real, it was raw, it was practical and it was the future of work.

So, um, I'm not a UX Designer today. But last year I was lucky enough to partner with General Assembly Australia to host a similar webinar in my own expertise: Change Management.

In fact, some of my webinars with General Assembly have had hundreds of people register.

People join from all over the world: Australia, Singapore, the USA.

And I guess people love them, as on average I get rated over 4/5 in the feedback survey!

With the lockdowns in many cities in Australia and still many countries overseas affected by COVID, I've got a brand new webinar coming up designed specifically for General Assembly called "How to Lead Your Virtual Team Through Change".

It's free and it's going to be as awesome as my previous webinars with the fantastic folks at GA.

Because it's not going to be about video calls and Microsoft Teams. Instead it's going to be about how to create engaging and connecting change experiences, even when your team is virtual. And just like that first UX session that introduced me to General Assembly, I'll be sharing real-life examples, too. Because even if office life has stopped, organisational change has done everything but.

Join me on Thursday 5 August 5.30pm AEST, tell your friends, and jump aboard. Even if you can't make the live session, definitely register as you'll get the replay recording.

General Assembly - How to lead your virtual team through change

Click here to register your free spot for my "How to lead your virtual team through change" webinar with General Assembly. It will be hosted by me - Lata Hamilton, a Change Leadership and Confidence expert and the Founder and CEO of Passion Pioneers.


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