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Living a purposeful life

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

COVID shed a light on lots of things we might not have realised we were missing or taking for granted. Finding purpose in our life and work is one of them.

I was listening to Anna Marsden, Managing Director of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, on the Leading Women podcast the other day.

She made a comment that 2020 was the shake-up year, especially in Australia. It’s made us realise we want to embrace connection and community.

And it’s made many people realise: “I have one life, I have one community. How do I make it purposeful and make it count?”

It really resonated with me.

I’ve been asking myself that same question, and I’ve got Executive Coaching clients I’m working with pondering it, too. Does it resonate with you as well?

More than ever, more of us are craving a job that gives us a sense of purpose and meaning.

That allows us to help others and help our communities.

That gives us the chance to show care and concern for our fellow humans beyond performance and profit.

Otherwise, what are we here for?

Purpose in change

I’m luckier than most though.

I’ve been in a purpose-led profession for several years now: Change Management.

In my line of work in Change, I feel that I do make a difference to the lives of many people. That I help make their work life better, that I help them feel clear and confident in their future, and that I provide support for leaders and teams during their hardest times.

It was one of the things that gave me the most pride during COVID.

And it gives me pride to this day… that warm, fuzzy feeling inside when what you’re doing means something.

So if you’ve ever wondered how to put people first in the work that you do, maybe you should be joining me on my free Change Tools Masterclass.

I’ll be sharing my top tools and templates that I use to help employees experience the magic of change and turn fear into excitement and confidence.

I'm Lata Hamilton - Change Leadership and Confidence expert, Founder & CEO of Passion Pioneers, and the creator of the Leading Successful Change program.

If you'd like my help making the career change to Change Management, grab my free Underpaid & Overlooked Coaching Action Guide to learn how to change careers with confidence and earn your worth - download it here.


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