• Lata Hamilton

How to create a microlearning video series

Training is one of the core activities used in Organisational Change Management and bridges the gap for teams moving from the current state to the future state by delivering knowledge, skills and capability to make that transition. In other words, it’s the “how” of Change.

However, most training for Change is still delivered in long, formal training delivery formats, such as facilitator-led training sessions running from 1 hour to 1 week (either in person or online) or via clunky e-learning modules (I'm so sorry to my lovely L&D expert colleagues - I know you try super-hard to make these short and engaging but 20 minutes of dry content and animated people has never won me over).

Research has shown that this type of training approach, often content-heavy, once-off, and outside the day-to-day work environment, results in pretty poor knowledge retention and skills development! And yet, we still do it…

Microlearning, where learning is broken up into short chunks or bites that may only take 1-5 minutes per day, can lead teams to retain knowledge better and apply theory and skills faster (perhaps even up to 300% in the speed of development). Often, it’s delivered within the day-to-day workplace, and uses spaced repetition to integrate the information.

So I thought... why not create a short guide to help any Change leader convert their hour-long, day-long or week-long training into chunk-sized videos? I've been doing it in Change and in my business for ages (for example, my Reimagine Restructures video series where I cover the main challenges of operating model changes and restructures in less than 6-minutes).

I’ll step you through creating a series of short video learning bites that anyone can craft and deliver without any special tools, apps or resources. Because as any Changie knows, sometimes you gotta hustle on no budget!

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Lata Hamilton is the Founder & CEO of Passion Pioneers, an Executive Coach and Change Leadership Trainer. Get your free Crafting Microlearning Guide here.