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If you're a trailblazing leader with an ambitious vision, let's make your change magic together.

I provide Change Consulting Services to trailblazing leaders looking to fast-track their transformations with smart, sustainable change strategies. I help get senior stakeholders on board, teams adopting new ways of working, and ambitious visions achieved for true Return on Investment. I've led change with some of Australia's biggest companies and love bringing my Change Management expertise to any industry or challenge.







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Founder & CEO

I believe everyone deserves to experience the magic of change. If we can make change the best experience possible, we can inspire change from within and empower ourselves and our teams. I'm a Change Leadership Expert accredited in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Coaching and help women carve their own paths for change in career, leadership and life.

Having worked across Insurance, Financial Services, Retail, Manufacturing, Government, Consumer Goods, and Advertising, I blend together my years of experience and accreditation in Organisational Change Management, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Coaching. I've led change with some of Australia's biggest companies with agile, fit-for-purpose, practical Change Management strategies, plans and approaches. I've worked on changes that have impacted over 100,000 people, operating model changes impacting thousands, global cultural transformations, and digital transformation that is literally change the way that we work.

If you’re the kind of leader with vision and passion, pioneer with me.

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"Lata is so infectious with her abundance of passion, energy, and motivation! She willingly shares her depth of change management knowledge as an expert practitioner with all. Lata's collaborative and pragmatic approach ensures her content is accessible, easy to understand, and effective to enable success. Lata inspires and produces results!"

Lia Friso ~ Sydney

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"Lata took me on a journey from understanding myself and what truly motivates me so that I am well prepped and ready for my next role. She taught me the secret to success so that not only am I ready for my next role, I know how to attain it."

Ophemia Bainy ~ Sydney

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"I joined Leading Successful Change because I’ve been curious about the people change management space for some time now. The program was outstanding! I’ve absolutely loved the interactive sessions, the friendly, sharing and jovial nature of everyone involved, and how Lata has formatted, structured and delivered the rich content, ‘drawing the curtains back’ to reveal the pragmatic aspects of change management."

Alison Del Socorro ~ Canberra



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