Reimagine You is Australia’s first training program designed to support teams that are restructuring due to digital transformation, and get them prepared for the future of work. The hands-on training delivers career clarity and confidence for your team at a time when they may be fearful, stressed and demoralised from job loss, changing responsibilities, and death of industry career paths. And now - it's delivered completely digitally, so you can keep your staff safe through transition.


More than 5 million Australian jobs could disappear in the next 10 years due to technology change. That’s almost 40% of all roles.

Committee for Economic Development in Australia Report 2015


Help your teams find their feet and find their futures

As a leader, it’s not your job to find new jobs for every impacted staff member. In fact, it’s impossible. We need to empower your people to accept change and adapt to future industry needs - and where needed, find (or even create!) their own new roles.

And did you know?

Only 50% of restructures actually meet cost targets. And only 1/3 meet performance goals.

What will it cost you if you don't transition to your new operating model successfully?

The Reimagine You Program from Passion Pioneers is a change management training designed to keep your staff motivated through your restructure and maximise Return on Investment until the end of the change. The program rebuilds the engagement and wellbeing of your staff after the initial shock of announcement, when stress and anxiety often impacts short-term and long-term team performance. Change confidence is created in each employee as they experience individual emotional and behavioural transformations, using hands-on activities that teach them who they are, what they have to offer, and how to take the next step in their future career journey (whether that’s with your company or beyond).

Reimagine You is a unique program because it:

  • Is specifically designed to support the whole team, not just redeployed individuals (remember - everyone is going through the change. Don’t just empower the staff who leave - also empower the staff who stay with you).

  • Is run at the start of your transformation change, not at the end when the damage to morale is already done (80% of participants have their concerns about their organisational change disappear).

  • Drives a group uplift in emotional intelligence and ability to cope with change (with an increase in career clarity and confidence from 60% to 100% by the end of the program).

  • Has received rave reviews from those who have attended (with 100% of participants recommending the program!).

Properly supporting your people through digital transformation of your operating model and processes is essential for driving a seamless integration and adoption of technology benefits into your work practices. Training your people to understand and accept change is one of the best investments you can make to creating a resilient future workforce and ensuring you retain the best talent.

The program contains 4 key elements:

  1. Online facilitation from an accredited Change Manager, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, and Coach to drive a transformational shift in your people.

  2. Personal career exploration, analysis and goal setting, with one-on-one support opportunities.

  3. Development of personal responsibility and empowerment, to shift the pressure off leaders to have all the answers.

  4. Technical job-hunting skills including CV writing and interview techniques to provide all staff with an equal playing field for job applications, in your company or beyond.

Help your people set themselves up on their future path through Passion Pioneers’ Reimagine You Program.

To see how Reimagine You Program could support your people change, please schedule a complimentary Change Clarity Call. In this 20 minute phone session, you'll understand where your team's change gaps are, and get a powerful personalised change diagnostic you can take away to share with your team.



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"I attended Lata's "Reimagine You Program" (designed for teams going through restructures) roughly a year ago. At the time I was very ready to change careers after a decade as an insurance broker. I had no idea what the change really looked like, I just knew needed to try something. Lata was recommended to me by a mutual connection and I can truly say she has been an amazing influence in my life, not just for my career. The course helped me to explore myself and my career deeper than I could have done on my own. It helped me to define what it is that I wanted, create a realistic plan and break through some of the fears and doubt that existed around the change. I now sit here a year on, as the office manager of an exciting business for the start of my new career journey - everything I wrote down and wanted to achieve in my new role is ticked off, plus more. Lata provided me with the tools and support I needed to get what I want. She makes you feel like you can achieve anything (and you can). Highly recommend!"

Alexandra Mansted