Leading change, both personally and for teams, is one of the biggest challenges of your career. I am an accredited Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Change Manager and Coach with a range of services to give you the tools for success.



Tailored and personalised 1-on-1 coaching with a focus on change leadership and career potential to give you the clarity and confidence to trailblaze through your next change. I know you're a passionate high achiever - my job is to give you the extra edge to success.

Initial Strategy Session (90 minute) - $997


If you've ever wondered what it's like to be a Change Manager - wonder no more! This recorded webinar + worksheet will explain what Change Management is, the possible paths and pays, and map your transferable skills to transition your career to Change.

Webinar + worksheet - $297



Get a professional and polished CV optimised for Change Management that makes you shine to recruiters and hiring managers and paves your way to interview. Along with a short career consultation, you'll also have the option to add on your LinkedIn profile.

Both packages include a done-for-you service, 15 minute clarity call and personalised feedback:

CV - $997

CV + LinkedIn - $1,497

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"I could only describe Lata as the most happy, positive and inspiring force in my life. I have completely changed my career path from corporate strategy into running my own local business in care, which I never thought would be possible. Since then I have won multiple business awards and my lifestyle is completely different to anything I could have imagined."

Jennie Lister ~ UK

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"Lata took me on a journey from understanding myself and what truly motivates me so that I am well prepped and ready for my next role. She taught me the secret to success so that not only am I ready for my next role, I know how to attain it."

Ophemia Bainy ~ Sydney


"Embarking on a career-focused coaching program with Lata last year was eye-opening. As a coach myself, I strongly believe that the philosophy of being a coach should be grounded in empowering your clients and Lata did exactly that. She helped me unblock limiting beliefs, step into my potential, and connect the dots between what I desired and what I can proudly call my current day reality. Above and beyond the skilled use of coaching techniques and strategies, Lata brings her unique energy and balanced compassion to every session. She challenges you to think differently and develop your own perspectives, always with an abundance mindset. You'll look forward to each session and feel like you've done a year’s worth of work in just half that time! Ultimately, this is what is unique about Lata. Not only does she get you results, she makes sure you're developing every single step of the way. Thank you Lata, you've been a shining light in my life and I am certainly far more confident in my own abilities to meet the years to come."

Yuxi Pan ~ Sydney

"In only one year, my life has completely changed since getting Lata support me with my career goals. I saw her, speaking about her career and confidence at a University of Sydney ArtSS event which I found inspiring. She not only helped me draft an amazing resume from my education, skills and experience but also gave me the confidence to search for roles in the industry I was trained in and passionate about. I succeeded in getting an incredible position (including a salary increase!) with a great organisation with a social impact focus. I am so happy with my job and my life - I recommend Lata to everyone who needs inspiration, clarity, confidence in career. Lata remind me that I can have everything I dream and am worth, and I am so excited for the future."

Stephanie Flechas ~ Sydney

"Lata helped me write an amazing resume that opened up the doors to incredible possibilities for me. She not only helped me tap into what I want, but also gave me the belief that I could actually get there, by expertly presenting my skills and experience, boosting my confidence, and motivating me to think about opportunities in new ways. She later took my LinkedIn profile from a Beginner to an All Star profile in only 1 afternoon! She always places her magic on the writing she does. I enjoy giving Lata creative freedom with my career resources as she is an artist and the best way artists express themselves is when they can move freely. With her own career and business success, she is an absolute inspiration. I am so thankful to know her."

Sasha Duranovic ~ Sydney